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Flying in the air means you can't use your legs! Looks like you'll have to be creative with the recoil of your gun in order to move around and fight an endless onslaught of enemies. CONTROLLER HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Examples of how it matches the GMTK Game Jam theme: Your gun is used to kill enemies and make all your manoeuvres. Enemies are a threat to the player, but if shot enough can be put into a weakened state in which they can either be shot to explode and kill other enemies or touched to harvest extra ammo and health. Colours contrast as to not blend different things together and follow a scheme for what they mean (e.g. red = damaging). Ammo is used to fire your guns and works as your scoring system - fire wisely!

Made for PC.

Made with Game Maker Studio, uses 8bitoperator font, images made in Paint.net, sounds made in BFXR.

Credits: Kittyandtiny.

Published Jul 16, 2017


Recoil.exe 2 MB

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